Conclave "Conclave" LP

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Conclave is by definition a gathering, a coming together.
Conclave, linguistically, is an amalgamation: con (with) + clave (a unifying rhythm that holds the key to unlock dances both ancestral and contemporary).
Conclave is a live musical gathering of rotating musicians headed by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Cesar Toribio, in which alchemy is evident in the ebb and flow of its compositions, and seductive juxtapositions of the delicate and powerful are inextricably woven around the living, breathing rhythm.
1. Intro (1:45)
2. Habla (4:47)
3. Relax (5:01)
4. Twice (4:01)
5. All That I Need (5:02)
6. There's Enough (4:49)
7. Perdón (7:03)
8. Rise (Interlude) (1:14)
9. Rise (4:46)
10. Alati Yeye Chege (8:41)
11. Take Heed (Nu Sunlight) (6:33)
*Note* To ensure highest possible quality vinyl playback, the running order on the LP differs from running order on digital or streaming outlets.
Cesar Toribio – Vocals, Rhodes, Juno 60, MS-20, Piano, Live Drums, Organ, Drum Programming, Cajon, JDXI, DW8000, Synth Bass, Congas, Juno G
Scott Scribner – Bass, Guitar, Claps
Gabo Lugo – Bata and Clave on “Intro”, Bata, Congas, Caxixi, Clave, Shaker, Aux Percussion on “Habla,” “Perdón,” and “All That I Need,” Congas on “There’s Enough”
Maria Padilla – Vocals on “Intro”
Scott Bevins – Trumpet on “Habla”
Aquiles Navarro – Trumpet on “Perdón”
Sharin Toribio – Vocals on “Perdón” and “All That I Need”
All songs except “Twice” written, performed and produced by Cesar Toribio and Scott Scribner
“Twice” written by Little Dragon
Mixed by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound Studios
Mastered by Walter Coelho
Digital Distribution by Seed Worldwide
Vinyl Distribution by Complete USA
Front cover illustration by Lisa Rampilli
Back cover photograph by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.
© Love Injection Records 2021
Cesar Toribio (ASCAP), Scott Kapelman (ASCAP)