Love Injection Fanzine 43 (Various Formats)

$ 3.00

Most Excellent Unltd presents Love Injection: A New York-based dance music fanzine.

8.5 x 11” high quality black and white printing, 28 pages. Edition of 3,000. 

Participating contributors and artists include Barbie Bertisch, Basim Ali Yasim, Brandon Locher, Brandon Wilner, Cesar Toribio, Charles Levine, Chuck Fishman, DJ Voices, Eli Goldstein, Ivan Berko, Josh Milan, Luke Jenner, Mike McCurdy, Nathaniel Jay, Nick Boyd, Nikki Cohen, Tabu, Tajh Morris, Vince Aletti. Designed by Paul Raffaele.

Issue 43 Features:
- Q&A with Vince Aletti with Paul Raffaele, Photos: Barbie Bertisch
- Q&A with​ Tabu by Tajh Morris
- Q&A with​ Josh Milan by Cesar Toribio
- Tribute to Sa'd Ali by Chuck Fishman & Friends
- "Mazes to the Motherlode LXVII, Ink & Acrylic on Paper by Brandon Locher
- Other Voices: A Q&A wth Unscented DJ by DJ Voices
- Ask Luke: A Column by Luke Jenner
- Music charts by Ivan Berko & Mike McCurdy (Juicy Street) and Nikki Cohen (This Place NYC, Shaker Mountain)

Special thanks to –
Output Nightclub, Isaac Amerling, Kristi Evans, Ben Sisto, Ace Hotels, Soul Clap Records, Eli Goldstein

RIP Blu Jemz </3

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