Rareforms - Phil Moffa 12"

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Phil Moffa - Rareforms *NOW SHIPPING*

a1. Alma Del Mundo (6:59)
a2. 249th St. (6:07)
b1. Rolling Boil (6:21)
b2. Vertigo* (4:30)


"After almost 20 years of making tracks with blaringly loud kicks, you tend to start producing with the other elements first to give yourself a break from the constant pounding of monitors at point blank range. Following an analog filter shopping spree, I began working on a group of tracks where the low end was satisfied by the filtering, and realized these songs worked just fine without a bass drum. Therefore this record is called “Rareforms” since most of my other work consists of a kick drum and lots of loud effects. This record is dedicated to the brilliant synthesist and interpreter Isao Tomita, whose records always provide inspiration in the lab. Also to master storyteller Rod Serling and his frequent collaborator Bernard Hermann, whose score for the Hitchcock film Vertigo I adapted through some MIDI processes and wavetable synthesis, then sent it through a 4-foot spring reverb." — Phil Moffa

Instruments: Elektron Octatrack x 2, Fender Rhodes 73, Waldorf Microwave XT Filters: Akai MFC42 Analog Filter Module, Electro-Harmonix Bi-Filter, Niio Analog lotine Core, Schippmann ebbe und flut Effects: AKG BX20 Spring Reverb, Electro-Harmonix Cathedral, Eventide H3500, Lexicon 224X, Plankton Electronics Jellyfish Processing: dbx 160 x 2, dbx 165A, Pultec EQP-1R, Urei 1176 x 2 Recording: Allen & Heath GL2400-24, Digidesign Pro Tools 9.0.6, Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16, RMGI/Pyrai Studio Master 900 ½” tape, Studer A80-R (recording speed: 15 ips)

Written and produced by Phil Moffa except B2. *B2 written by Bernard Hermann, adapted by Phil Moffa. ℗ Sony/ATV Harmony. Recorded and mixed at Butcha Sound, NYC. Mix assistants: David Tatasciore and Cesar Toribio. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Distributed by Complete USA. ℗ Ringer Racket (ASCAP) © Most Excellent Unlimited Recordings, Inc. 2016. Jacket front cover illustration by Mario Hugo. Jacket back cover photos by Olivia Paschkes. Art direction by Paul Raffaele. Rest in peace Isao Tomita.


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